The Birth of an Entrepreneurial Resource – Why I’m Blogging

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The old adage is that hindsight is always 20/20. 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is all about experience and excitement, it’s a life style. The fun part is that things never go as planned—every day is an adventure.
Although it’s possible to strike off into the jungle of business independently and succeed, taking a guide can be supremely beneficial. This blog will be a resource to:

  • Impart knowledge
  • Share my experiences, both good and bad
  • Extend thoughts and ideas designed to help you succeed
  • Relay my passion for marketing and sales power

Learning from the mistakes of others is a smart way to save time and money. It’s something I wish I could have benefited from when I struck out, building my very own business in India and later expanding to the United States.

Focus: Helping Small Businesses
After weathering the many ups and downs of launching several brands, I discovered my passion for marketing and sales just a few years ago. Marketing is a very powerful tool that I see underestimated far too often by beginner entrepreneurs. The focus of this blog is to help small businesses get off the ground by sharing the lessons I’ve learned, and the principles and methods that have proven successful.

About Me – Why I Choose To Be a Guide
If you were traversing the Congo, you would want a qualified guide by your side; someone who knows the lay of the land, and is able to assist you regardless of unexpected obstacles. When it comes to navigating the entrepreneurial journey, you deserve the same.

People start businesses because they see an opportunity; they see a need and know they can fill it. Most people talk to their friends and family, launch their business and rely on selling to people they know. They invest in their passion, but lack the allocation of time to sharpen their knowledge or identify and pay attention to the weaker areas of their business. In contrast, successful business owners understand marketing and sales power.

I’ve learned that without marketing and sales, even the best business will never grow.

“Any fool can make soap; it takes a genius to sell it.” –Mr. Gamble of Proctor & Gamble

Over the years, I’ve accumulated broad knowledge and expertise in International IT and IT enabled service requirements and solutions. I earned a Master’s in Computer Applications, and a Master’s in Business Administration (BPO). I applied my knowledge in real world situations, and reaped the results—both good and bad. I successfully launched and grew four lucrative brands:

Education is vital to business success. I began my career as a Trainer. I spent approximately six years teaching almost 3,000 school and college students who are now scattered around the world. I love to teach, and still strongly prefer working with a team. I strongly believe that knowledge is a powerful tool, and its value can be increased by spreading it.

As a direct result of teaching, I was able to publish “Computer Tutor,” my first book. It was designed to help students understand their syllabus, which had just been introduced by the state government. Students didn’t have much of a helping hand, and my goal was to help them present their answers correct on the exam.

How do I know my methods work? When I taught my students, I split the class in half. One half presented questions while the second half came up with answers. Module by module, we created a database, if you will, of real world knowledge. Before I knew it, my students were passing our Q&A sessions on to other students. Upon seeing their success, I combined each module and created a working guide. Since publication, over 10,000 copies have been distributed!

My goal is to continue imparting the same kind of engaging real world knowledge that made my students successful. This blog will give beginning entrepreneurs, sales executives and small businesses the extra boost needed to establish themselves and grow. Expect to learn how to:

  • Leverage the power of marketing and sales
  • Learn valuable lessons from the successes and mistakes of others
  • Generate solid leads
  • Create and establish your own successful business
  • Use various types of media and get the most out of them

The path of learning never ends. As I continue to learn, I will share my experiences for your benefit.

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